Why We Love The Apata Sisters

If you stroll the streets of social media regularly, especially the Nigerian music quarters, then you should be familiar with the Apata sisters- Niniola and Teniola. Many may not know but Teniola, popular instagram sensation reputed for her songs ‘Fargin’ and ‘Askamaya’ is Award winning music artiste, Niniola’s younger sister. As some know, apart from the obvious physical resemblance, both sisters share a passion in common- Music.

Teniola Apata

How interesting is it for two women to be sisters, friends and colleagues all at the same time in a highly competitive and fast paced industry? Could it be that they have a solid value system in which case love and respect tops the list or are they taking cues from the Afolayan brothers?

While you muse on that, here are three things we love about the Apata sisters.

  1. They thoroughly understand what family is and both know that music cannot be esteemed over blood. In an interview Teniola granted earlier this year, she was quoted saying her love for her sister is greater than music. She goes on to recount experiences of her sister looking out for her, mentoring her and teaching her the ropes of how to navigate the music industry and life generally. Similarly, Niniola has stated severally that Teni is her sister not competitor. We love how they draw the line between family, craft and business.Talk about women who understand respect and have refused to allow the media reduce what they share into petty rivarly.

    The Apata Sisters.
  2. The Apata sisters are beautifully talented. While Nini as she is fondly called has over 5 years active record in the Nigerian music industry with several awards including Choice Female Artiste of the Year (2017) and Best African Collaboration (2016); her sister, Teniola, released her first single in 2016 and is doing incredibly well. Their voice and the message their music communicates is definitely one thing that resonates with us. While both sisters have clearly different music deliveries, an ardent listener of their songs can tell that both women are passionate about passing a positive message across through their music. Teniola’s ‘Fargin’ highlights the rape menace in our society and the need for men to respect dissent when it comes to sexual relations.

    Niniola Apata
  3. They understand authenticity and individuality. Clearly both sisters share different tastes in style. If you look deeper into their style, you would notice that, what they wear and how they wear what they wear is an expression of their individuality. Teniola, who is 8 years younger admits her sister shaped most of her childhood and is perhaps her life’s greatest influence but she is not trying to be her sister or walk in her shoes; she is on a mission to be herself and encourage others to follow suit. We love that the Apata sisters understand individuality and respect each other enough to allow their authenticity shine through their art.

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