Who is a Boss Lady?

What qualifies a lady as a ’Lady Boss”? Is it her clothes, her attitude to work and life, her wealth and accomplishments or her commanding tone?

Personally, I think as a lady, the moment you reach that point where you’re regarded as a ‘Boss Lady’, then you definitely possess all or most of these qualities listed below.


  • She is one who has got a lot going on for herself. One who works hard and relentlessly pushes daily to achieve ‘set goals’. She is determined, successful, dedicated, self-driven, a positive role model, focused, confident, independent, and most importantly, she’s in charge of her life, stays in charge, and is purposeful.


  • Tick tock- goes the clock, a boss lady understands the value of time, feeding focus and starving distractions. For some, most of these attributes, flow out naturally while some others may have to consciously work hard to gain them, either way, you’re definitely a boss lady when you understand this and put in the work.


  • I’d also like to think that every true boss lady has some depth of spirituality. Whether it’s a belief in religion, force or sync in nature, a boss lady is one who understands how connected and spiritual the universe is and moves with this thought in mind.


  • It’s admirable, when you find a lady who has worked hard to have a lot going on for her, because for some weird reason, women are viewed as ‘weaker vessels’, and that limits a lot of women who have embraced that, (although, a lot of ladies are now “woke” and focused on building a life of their own). For the sake of this mindset, women who are bold and confident are seen as daring, regardless, when you are fierce in your pursuit for success, then you are a boss lady!


  • A boss lady doesn’t necessarily have to follow the norm, she creates the norm. She sees herself as someone who shouldn’t have to be in second place where a man is involved, just because much is not being expected of women or because in a world where women are never seen as accomplished until they are married with kids, she shouldn’t feel accomplished till she has satisfied society. No! a boss lady sees that accomplishments is beyond that. She understands that having a great job/business, paying bills effortlessly, keeping a healthy relationship, having that full respect from your partner, being able to travel from one country to the other because you can afford to, have a vacation whenever you want or maybe formal trips, having things moving smoothly regardless, basically just living life in your own terms is equally as important.


  • A boss lady sets standards, work towards them, does not compromise, as discipline is key, and most importantly, sets her mind on the goal. She under stands when work needs to get done, how to earn respect and when it’s time to take time off and rejuvenate.


  • Lastly, a boss lady is never ever TOXIC, verbally abusive and unreasonably demeaning.

Which of these thoughts do you agree with? 

Parts of this post were published by Esther Chawai on Teakisi.com and Leading Ladies Africa.

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