Unleash Career Inclusion and Success through Strategic Communication by Oluwatobiloba Akerele

In today’s dynamic and competitive professional landscape, effective communication serves as a catalyst for success. Strategic communication plays a critical role in promoting women across the career and business worlds.  Women need to leverage strategic communication to:

Showcase Expertise and Prowess

Communication is a powerful tool for women to showcase their professional expertise and prowess. A strong and confident communication style conveys competence, leadership, and authority, enabling women to command attention, influence decisions, and establish themselves as valuable assets in their chosen career or business fields.

Highlight Achievements

Communication is a powerful tool for career women to advocate for their achievements. Women often face challenges when it comes to self-promotion, as societal norms may discourage them from openly discussing their accomplishments. However, by mastering the art of strategic self-promotion through effective communication, women can confidently showcase their skills, projects, and successes, ensuring that their contributions are recognized and rewarded.

Navigate Gender Biases

Effective communication enables women to overcome gender biases that often hinder their progress. Women need strategic communications to articulate their ideas, and establish credibility for the success of their work. This will ensure women’s contributions are recognized and valued.

Sustain Relationships

Effective communication skills are essential for nurturing value-based and collaborative relationships. In today’s interconnected world, successful professionals rely on their ability to connect with others, build rapport, and foster productive partnerships. Women who excel in communication can navigate diverse work environments, establish a strong support system, and leverage their networks for career growth and advancement opportunities.

Resolve conflicts

Conflict resolution is a critical skill for career advancement. Women who can effectively communicate to resolve conflicts diplomatically are more likely to attain their career goals.
By honing their communication skills, women can overcome gender biases, assert their professional presence, and demonstrate effective leadership. As organizations recognize the value of diverse perspectives and inclusive workplaces, career women who excel in communication will continue to thrive. Communication is a strategic imperative for women to be successful in business and career.


With more than a decade of progressive experience in providing public relations and integrated marketing communications solutions for organizations across sectors and developing winning communications strategies for global health projects, Oluwatobiloba Akerele is a strategic communication leader and consultant who has made a mark across diverse sectors. Her unique blend of expertise in strategic communications, storytelling, message development, executive communications, and stakeholder engagement enables her to achieve the best results and exceed expectations. Oluwatobiloba Akerele leads strategic communications for the U.S. President’s Malaria Initiative for States (PMI-S) project. The Management Sciences for Health-led PMI-S project is USAID’s flagship malaria program in Africa. The project works through partnerships with various organizations and national and state government agencies to improve the quality of and access to #malaria prevention and treatment services in Nigeria.

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