“Understand every loss has a lesson, and you’re really just knowing your worth.” 5 Lessons from Karen Civil on How to be Successful

Leading Lady and Business Mogul, Karen Civil has created her own blueprint by turning her passion for helping artists and brands to a long-standing career. For Karen, it was a hobby turned into a career, and her success story is one that inspires.

Aside from being a career, Karen has impacted a lot of young’s girls’ lives, and for her, that is more important “The influence for me is living life on your own terms, realizing that I turned a hobby into a career. Figuring out how to dance to your own rhythm. Just walk your path, figure it out, and understand every loss has a lesson, and really knowing your worth and doing what’s best for you.

Many women are fond of dancing to the tune of the society, but Karen enjoys the freedom of doing exactly what she wants to do, and that is one mark of a leading lady. “The freedom of being me, living life the way I want, and not the way society kind of dictates for women of color. Not having the stigma of being the product of my environment. The second thing is when I get those messages from people like, ‘Because of you, I started my own business.’ It feels really good to know that people identify with what I’m doing.”

So how do you become successful? Karen has the perfect tips for us!

  • When people are ignoring you, and acting as if you’re insignificant, all it means is that you have to work harder.
  • People use outward appearance against you all the time in life, so you might as well make perception work for you.
  • Even when you have a corporate gig, never stop building your personal brand.
  • Stormy weather? Hurricane? Unfair weather? Keep going.
  • Know that being in a position of high visibility will always earn you haters. But don’t let them rob you of the satisfaction that came from your hard work and success.

Source: Essence and Haitian Hollywood.

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