Top 5 Tips For Brands To Maintain a Successful Social Media Presence

It is very true that if you do not communicate who you are to the public and control your brand narrative, people will do so for you (and trust the public to say the wrongest things).

To ensure proper communication of your brand, you need that social media presence! Every brand needs to that their story at the right time, and through the right channel.

Here are the top tips to help your brand get that recognition it deserves.

1.    Plan Ahead: 

It is best to have a communications content calendar. These should capture both critical internal events and conferences as well as external holidays and moments. Plan the content for these posts 30-days in advance or as much as reasonably possible. This will ensure you don’t run out of content and you pass the right information to your audience.

2.    But Stay Timely: If posts were planned ahead of time, scan through them a day in advance to ensure they are still appropriate. If there is a live event or real-time opportunity for your brand to engage, create a fast approval process by reaching out to the key stakeholders ahead of time to ensure someone is on standby to review content in a timely manner. Don’t be rigid, tweak your calendar and stay in tune with the latest happenings.

3.    Activate Employees: Company leaders are great brand ambassadors but junior employees can also serve as micro-influencers. Encourage them to share job postings, content and continue to build the power and authenticity of a brand. Being a brand on social media is meaningful but when it comes down to it, people follow people. The message will always seem more accessible and relatable from a person than a brand. If there are limits on what folks can say from a regulatory perspective, train employees to make these boundaries clear.

4.    Show, Don’t Tell:  The visual matters. Not just on Instagram but on every single social media platform. Make it more eye-catching and native to the platform and less mundane and corporate. Along these lines, limit the text on photos. People are more moved by what they see, and they get easily bored by too many texts.

5.    Engage with Other Brands: The best feeds are a mix of original content and repurposed content. Depending on the brand, some relevant examples of external opportunities could be articles about the company, posts from philanthropic partners and university publications highlighting employee alumni. 

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