Today we Celebrate Londy Ngcobo, Global Ship Navigator & Africa’s First Female Dredge Master!

When a 32-year-old South African lady becomes Global Ship Navigator and Africa’s First Female Dredge Master, breaking through as a Businesswoman and a Global speaker, the story is sure to make a headline.

Today we celebrate Londy Ngcobo with over 13 years of experience in the Maritime industry, which includes a background in Maritime Studies, International Merchant shipping experience, Advanced dredging from Netherlands IHC, and her current role as a Maritime Compliance Manager all which has led to her well-known title The BLACKMERMAID.

Londy is an award winner passionate about Women and Youth Empowerment.  Her wealth of experience has equipped her with the ability to focus on providing sustainable tools for women in leadership and all in walks of life.

She is also the founder of an organisation called Mamas Escape Club an Award-Winning Best Support Group providing tools for mothers to thrive through life challenges.

She encourages the youth to think outside the box, mentors the youth through her personal capacity, various institutional advisory boards and groups. Through her public speaking social events, radio/tv shows, blogs, podcasts. Londy has impacted lives by instilling bold global thinking and business agility to those who have had the privilege to see her in action.


Culled from Transportevolution



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