“To change Africa you must desire her future more than you despise her failure.” 5 Lessons From Adebola Deji Kurunmi’s ‘How To Fry Fish To Solve A Wicked Problem.’

Adebola Deji Kurunmi is the Executive Director at Ideation Hub Africa, a social profit accelerator that equips change makers and development entrepreneurs with collaborative spaces, enterprise advice, incubation and executive education. Recently, she was chosen and recognized alongside other Young African Leaders on the Mandela Washington Fellowship Program, an offshoot of the Young Africans Leadership Institute (YALI) founded by Barack Obama.

In August 2018, she delivered the speech- “How To Fry Fish To Solve A Wicked Problem” at the annual summit in Washington DC. If you are female, young and looking to proffer solutions to some of Africa’s socio-economic problems, this video is a solid resource for you. The speech though titled rather captivatingly is quite thought provoking. Here are five lessons we learned from it.

  1. To change Africa you must desire her future more than you despise her failure.
  2. Find a problem you can solve and commit to solving it with all your heart and means.
  3. “Don’t just bring your heart to the work, bring your head to the work.”Passion alone cannot bring about sustainable change, it must be accompanied by other resources.
  4. Never lose the picture of the outcome of the change you want. It will help you on the days you lose steam.
  5. Bring your full self to the table. Don’t shrink.The world needs what you carry. Your quirks, wits and all other things unique about you. Bring every single thing you are to the table.

You can find the video below.

As well as sitting as the ED of Ideation Hub Africa,  Adebola is also CEO at IMMERSE Coaching Company, an online personal transformation bootcamp helping women launch a higher version of themselves. She is also a World Bank Project Facilitator and Certified Workplace Personality Profile Analyst.




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