How to thrive as a female entrepreneur. (10 lessons from 10 leading ladies)

We’ve heard many times that being a female entrepreneur can be an interesting and challenging journey at the same time. But you can have a different journey, you can learn from Leading Ladies that have started this dynamic journey before you.

Mixed race woman working in shoe store
Mixed race woman working in shoe store

The best part however is, these women always want to support other women they readily dish out tips, on strategies to make your business work. It is exciting to see that many women want too support their kind and see other people’s businesses grow and gain stability.

Here are 10 lessons I’ve learnt from some Leading Ladies about entrepreneurship over time.

  • It is important to have structure in your business if you want your business to live long enough, It is also your duty to build the people working under/for you.
  • You are only as smart as your staff. hire smart people as your staff are a reflection of your brand.
  • Your business shouldn’t be solely dependent on you. Your business should be able too stand and thrive in your absence.
  • Failures and mistakes are part of the growing process, do not give up just because you failed. Learn from your failures, re-innovate and re-strategise.


  • Look inward for growth rather than to others.
  • Examine your surroundings and always seek to add value.
  • People will respect you if you have honest work ethics
  • When you love your customers, you will treat them right at all times and you will make more money
  • Keep track of your numbers, monitor your finances and learn how to balance the books.
  • Continue to search for ways to reinvent your business, give your clients/customers something to look forward to.

Remember that, Entrepreneurs are more likely to succeed when they acquaint themselves with mentors.


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