Tera Carissa Hodges: Transforming Lives Through Faith and Media.

Tera Carissa Hodges is not just a speaker or a coach; she is a trailblazing agent for life change. With a passion for empowering women and igniting transformation, Tera has emerged as a leading voice in the realm of faith-based empowerment and personal development.

Best known as a licensed international faith-based women’s empowerment speaker and certified life coach, Tera has made an indelible mark on the lives of countless individuals worldwide. Her journey is marked by resilience, determination, and a relentless commitment to empower others to live their best lives.

She shares her transformative journey, life principles and her career trajectory with us in this inspiring interview.

What inspired you to establish LR Global Media Group, and what was the vision behind its inception?

I genuinely wanted to use my education, contacts and experience in media to help emerging brands, ministries, not for profits, and businesses. I truly believe media in one of the most powerful forces in the universe. My vision is to help people use media to their benefit in every season of their life, not just the good times, but also in bad times.

What role does faith play in your empowerment endeavors, particularly through teracarissa.com?

My faith is my foundation. I stand on it to empower myself and others. There’s no empowerment without faith. Faith is the fuel for empowerment, and not just any kid of faith but faith in God.

What motivates and drives you to continue empowering others through your platforms despite challenges?

My purpose. My vision. My bottom line. My goals. My legacy. My family. In the bigger picture, this is all that will matter. Keeping the main thing the main thing is the best motivation. It eliminates distractions and devalues the opinions of detractors.

Could you elaborate on your faith-based principles and how they aid in personal and spiritual life transformations?

Principle #1 Always go with God.
That means, never make a decision that God would not be pleased with. Never make a decision that will violate your walk with Him. There are ways to be successful, get the job done, grow and evolve that don’t require you to harm yourself or others. This is what the Bible considers “good success.” Before God promised Joshua good success, He said keep my statues, meditate on them, live by them. When you do this, THEN you will have good success.

How do you navigate the intersections between spirituality, personal growth, and professional development in your coaching sessions?

I consider what the person seeking coaching from me needs the most. That requires me going into prayer, using discernment and listening to them. There are times my solution offered is spiritual, other times it is mundane, sometimes, both. I am a firm believer, everything requires prayer but some things require prayer and action.

What’s your perspective on the role of resilience in achieving personal transformation and success?

Everything that wants to survive must evolve. Again, you don’t evolve at the expense of your integrity. But, you evolve naturally based on lessons learned, new skills obtained, educational achievements, new environments, etc. This is where resilience kicks in. It’s the commitment to bend not break. That’s all evolution is. It’s subtle consistent changes over time to evolve into the best version of yourself necessary for your purpose.

What strategies do you employ to remain innovative and adaptable in an ever-evolving media and marketing environment?

Education. You must continue to learn.

What future projects or initiatives are you currently working on or planning to launch?

I am a wife and mommy committed to helping to empower families on every front. My latest project is a children’s “I AM” affirmation book. I strongly believe children have to be taught to think well of themselves, speak well of themselves and expect the best for themselves.

What advice would you offer to women seeking to revamp their lives or pursue their passion?

Get clear on what God wants you to do. When you are clear on who you are and what you are called to do, you can say yes to the right things and no to the wrong things.

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