#TakeTheLeadTuesdays What to Do Before and After an Interview

Preparing for an interview takes a bit more than researching ”simple interview questions” online. It requires a bit of work and strategy. On this episode, Francesca hits on things you should look out for before going for your next interview.

A. Research about the company: The place of research in interview preparation cannot be overemphasized. Do your due diligence. Research about the company’s history, culture, values. Know basic things like the name of the CEO, how the role you are applying for ties in the vision of the company etc

B. Try not appear nervous: It is okay to be nervous but try not to let it show. To conceal your nervousness, pause before you answer questions and talk slowly but firmly.

C. Dress as instructed: Prefrences as it relates to appearance vary from organization to organization. Some organizations will state clearly as part of the interview guidelines that you appear a certain way. Follow the guidelines. If however, there are no clear cut rules on dressing, dress formal. You can hardly go wrong with a smart top and a smart skirt/trouser. Also avoid loud makeup, nails and hair.

Francesca shares more on interview preparation below.

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