Moyosola Jolaolu: Falling in love and hitting pause on self.

I recently tweeted about how as women, we are conditioned to loving with all of our being. We are more predisposed to caring and being selfless as our bodies are able to bring human beings into the world. We’re maternal creatures. Oh the power in that! However, this gift can be bitter sweet as simply […]

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Moyosola Jolaolu: Do Your Happy Dance

On your way to your dream goal there’ll be hiccups; little things that will occur to disrupt the grand plan. This is not the negative advice you’re looking to hear when starting out on a mission to world domination. However, in the midst of many variables, it is the one inevitable fact.  Now, these little […]

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Moyosola Jolaolu: Raise Your Voice

My use of the term ‘voice’ in the title of my piece for this week is both literal and figurative. I recently sat in a meeting with a woman I’ve come to admire greatly. Not only had she achieved so much in her career both locally and internationally; she also started an initiative which aimed […]

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