SuperSports Presenter, Zenande Funani, Joins Us for Career Quick Five!

Zenande Funani is a Sports Presenter who comes from the Eastern Province, South Africa.  She played netball and was a track star in school. That love for sports led her to study sports management in Johannesburg.

After graduating, Zenande landed a dream gig on the all-female crew that brought the Netball World Cup to life on Supersport! She’s also worked on social media for big events like the World Cups and SA2O Cricket, and you can now hear her on the Mayibuye Rugby show

How do you handle unexpected setbacks or failures in your career path? 

Setbacks are tough to take in, but I have learned to grow and to understand that once they occur, it’s either not my time and I’m not ready for it yet, or I just have to work a teeny extra hard, but once I’ve set my mind to something I know it’s going to happen. 


Work Playlist or Peaceful Silence? How do you orchestrate your workspace ambience? 

I used to struggle a lot with my work mood until someone told me to create a work playlist

He was like ‘It would change your world’ and it did! I really love listening to a bit of Beyoncé because it just channels that energy in me when I step into my work mode. Everything just flows. I also love Kanye West. It all depends on the mood and where I’ll be working. 


Can you share a pivotal moment in your career that shaped your trajectory? 

This is a good one. I recently bumped into someone at work who remembers me from back when I used to create and post fun clips at the stadium, trying to put myself out there. He says he remembers taking a video of me and telling me that I was going to go big. I’m currently working on my dream job and while it can always get better, that moment made me realize that I’ve worked hard and I’m deserving. 

If your morning routine was a meme, what would be the caption? 

It would be ‘But Coffee first’ because I usually feel like I can’t do anything without coffee. I don’t mind whether it’s hot or cold, but after coffee, we level up. 


Share your ‘Note To Self’ that you read every morning for inspiration 

‘Every day is a massive opportunity to chase my dreams’ I tell myself every morning that this is my story and I’m writing it, and that whatever I do, I do it with intentionality because I never know who’s watching and who might change my life! 

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