Starting the year with 7 lessons from Hajara Pitan’s Lady Boss interview.

Hajara Pitan is a multi-passionate entrepreneur who runs two businesses, one being a digital & marketing consultancy and the other specializing in the production of the most beautiful scented candles in Nigeria. Hajara is a writer and blogger who loves to travel and share her adventures with the world.

Our Lady Boss interview with Hajara Pitan was very insightful and we thought to share 7 lessons that would help usher you and your business into 2018. Keep reading…

hajara pitan

  • Sometimes the opportunity that you see may not be one that you say “I absolutely love” but it’s an opportunity that you can take.
  • Success is personal. Define what success means to you and follow suit. this way, you find fulfillment in life.
  • When you are done dreaming and visioning, go out and make it happen! – Hajara Pitan
  • Do not despise the days of humble beginnings, the days that are hard initially only make the road ahead sweeter!


  • Love allows you put in the work without getting tired. Love gets you off your feet when the feedback is negative or when there’s not enough money. The love for the craft keeps you curious.
  • Constantly find new ways to stay ahead of the curve and better yourself and business. be innovative.
  • Integrity, Excellence and love for what you do pushes you and takes your endeavors far ahead.

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