Solange Lusiku Nsimire Is Fearless And Loyal To The Cause Of Reporting Truthfully, Fair And Balanced Reports.

“The press doesn’t exist in the DRC. Journalists are worth nothing in DRC and because of this, they’re killed like animals.”

Those lines up there are words from government officials to two female  journalists based in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Africa is a difficult place to be raised as a woman. However, there is no place more difficult to be a woman than the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Not only do the women suffer terrible indignities because of their gender, there is an extra level of difficulty that comes with being a woman with ambitions and dreams. If you are a journalist then it is even tougher. When you are a female journalist who has decided to play by the book and play by the book only, then it is extremely tougher especially in a country that is averse to the truth. A truth given massive airplay by a woman and not just any woman but a ‘Solange’.

Solange Lusiku Nsimire, a congolese journalist has and continues to defy the odds. As an investigative journalist in Eastern Congo, working in the capacity of an Editor for a choice Newspaper, she reports on human rights and democracy. Despite the sensitivity of exploring those areas of journalism, Solange has pledged to consistently go the extra mile to defy difficulties in the pursuit of a story that has the propensity to affect lives. In reporting stories that seeks for better living condition of (wo)men in her community, she has pledged to uphold the ethics of her job and follow through with the truth till the end even if it means being faced with several assaults.

Due to the sensitive nature of the Journalism profession in Africa, especially Congo, numerous journalists within the region have been assaulted and killed. In fact, the country has recorded at lot of deaths in the last decade and most of the casualties are journalists. Even in the face of insurgence, Solange remains fearless and loyal to the cause of reporting truthfully, fair and balanced reports. She has defied countless death threats and attacks on her family to publish articles about government corruption, injustices against women and international aid abuses despite clear opposition.

Her reports have led to several government intervention on issues affecting the community especially women. It has also led to the dismissal of some corrupt government officials.

Her contributions to Journalism and Media in Congo has not gone unacknowledged. She has won the  International Women’s Media Foundation award for Courage in Journalism (2014) She has also been awarded an honorary doctorate from the Université Catholique de Louvain (2012) for her journalism work.

As the mindset and practices that governs the journalism profession continues to evolve, we know that we can count on Solange Lusiku Nsimire to report very consistently, fearlessly and boldly, the truth always.

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