Senior Vice President of Marketing and Brand Partnerships at Atlantic Records, Joi Brown Says Having a Seat at the Table Helps Her Shape Culture

Joi Brown is the Senior Vice President of Marketing and Brand Partnerships at Atlantic Records. In 2016, she founded Culture Creators to connect newcomers in the Music industry with those who paved the way to foster connectivity, leadership and even pool talent to help companies diversify. 

In a brief interview with Essence, Joi talked about a number of things including the power of shaping culture.

What’s the craziest or most memorable thing that’s ever happened in your career as a Black woman in music? 

I remember working with Sean Paul on his Grammy Awards collaboration with Sting. We sat in his green room in Denver, meeting him along his tour stop to work out their upcoming performance. I remember sitting there with Sean, Sting, and Jason (Sean’s brother) thinking, ‘Wow, I’m sitting here in a creative session with Sting.’ I think I fell in love with my job all over again in that very moment.

You have a seat at the table shaping culture. How do you show up in that room?

Unapologetically female, empowered, Black, and proud. Understanding the power we have globally inspires me to keep working to connect like-minded go-getters and ensure that I help in any way that I can to bring their story to life.

How has being a Black woman uniquely qualified you for your position?

Being a Black woman in my position doesn’t uniquely qualify me for my position. I believe it is my hunger, creativity, and kick-ass attitude that makes me stand out.  

Culled from Essence

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