#RunningInHeels: “I do believe mentorship is really important.” Throwback to LLA’s Interview with Nkiru Olumide’s and 7 lessons for the career woman

Nkiru Olumide-Ojo is one of the founders of Lighthouse Network.  The Light House Network is about women supporting women, lighting the community. and teaching us against the myth of women constantly antagonizing women, and also that there’s nothing as a powerful as women united in a common objective!


Nkiru Ojo has 16 years’ experience in Corporate Communications with expertise in the Creation, Implementation and Control of Communication Strategies,
Regulatory and Government Relations, Corporate and Retail PR, Media relations, Corporate Social responsibility, Process and Vendor management. She is a Social Media Enthusiast, Rebranding Expert, Newspaper Columnist, Facilitator. You can also add Author to her list of titles as her book ”the pressure cooker” was released in the month of November this year, and has received lots of positive reviews.

In our recent interview with Nkiru Ojo, she we learnt the importance of Mentorship and tons of other valuable lessons. And we’re sharing with you today, 7 other things we learnt from our interview with Nkiru Ojo.


  • energy spent in combat, can be better spent collaborating.we sometimes think/feel we have to doubly assert ourselves.
  • Everything is achievable as long as you are willing to pay the price. Keep that mind open.
  • Plan, put up your hand for help, draw on family resources a lot, and often too. Better your family first than strangers.
  • Find a career support person or mentor, work hard and pray hard.
  • No two birds have ever had an accident in the air- so there is room enough for you and me.
  • Lighting your candle doesn’t dim mine, it just means the whole place shines brighter.
  • It is God who blesses whether with ideas or any other thing; forget the big theories – it is he who causes time and chance to happen to you. surely there are people brighter than Bill gates and Steve Jobs.

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