This is how to run a successful farm and social enterprise


When you see a beauty queen turned farmer and social entrepreneur you know you may need to talk to her extensively. It gets more interesting when this queen doesn’t just employ people on the farm and focus on the administrative work but constantly gets her hands dirty by taking active part in the tilling, planting and harvesting process. 

Emefa Quashie is a former beauty queen, farmer and social entrepreneur. She owns Mamagah Farms and we will learn a few lessons on how to run this business successfully from her . Leading Ladies are you ready? 

Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty

Farming is a practical profession and anyone who wants to go into it must be ready to get their hands dirty. We know those nails are well manicured but hey, its your farm we are referring to not someone else’s. 


Take an advanced course in business or marketing

When Emefa is not on her farm she’s probably in class taking her MBA courses in Marketing. We have no doubt that these courses would make her a better entrepreneur and lessons learned would prosper her business. There’s more to entrepreneurship than you know, always seek to improve yourself


Be socially responsible 

One cool twist to Emefa’s farming venture is that she’s inspiring and training small holder farmers on the need to use technology to improve their farms and output . She even uses part of the profit from Mamagah Farms to support these women.  Now how cool is that?


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