”It is your responsibility to create rules and disciplines that fit your uniqueness.” Feruz Gebremeskel


Feruz Gebremeskel is a researcher,  founder & CEO of two social enterprises – Afro Pros and Native Apples, all founded to help develop and promote Africa and its natives abroad. 

This achiever has a few words for the younger generation of African women. Ready to be inspired? 

Think differently. Try and experiment with things, make mistakes and learn from them. Explore new horizons. Capitalize on what you already have. Believe in yourself. Have clear goals, and remember that those goals do not have to make sense to others as long as you see them clearly. Be social innovators and impact creators who tackle societal and environmental challenges. Be effective altruists.

Create your own system for self-mastery. This is to say that you can learn things from teachers, gurus, and idols, but you are unique in your own way. It should be your responsibility to create rules and disciplines that fit your uniqueness. Last but not least, be open-minded but sceptic at the same time. Always ask questions and demand answers.

Powerful right?

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