Real Estate Investor Jamisa McIvor-Bennett owns 18 Properties at 26 Years.

Jamisa Mcivor-Bennett, CEO of Rosebuds Investments, is currently the deed holder of 18 properties, all in which she’s purchased with no mortgages.

For Jamisa, her introduction into real estate ownership, began with a conversation with her grandmother, which ultimately led her to become an investor at the age of 19. After  a conversation with her guardian about being next in kin to own and manage the family home, Mcivor-Bennett was added to the deed. Months later, her grandmother passed away unexpectedly.

She began as a novice investor doing research of her own and speaking with financial advisers. She decided that investing her earnings into real estate would be the best way to never have to work for someone else again. Now, at just 25 years old,  Jamisa is a multimillionaire. To date, she has helped 800-900 others to purchase properties, was recently welcomed into the For(bes) The Culture, a community for underrepresented 30 Under 30 list members.

Throughout Pennsylvania—she only has one mortgage. In addition to owning and investing in properties, she also teaches others looking to generate more income and learn the ins and outs about real estate and real estate investing.

Her company, Rosebud’s Investments, caters to people interested in real estate investment but unsure of where and how to get started.

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