Rafiat Kasumu is passionately expanding the Kente movement in Ghana

“Learning about the significance of kente –down to the meanings of colors and patterns– really opened my eyes to how important this craft is. From that moment on, I knew I wanted to be a part of the movement to expand this craft internationally”- Rafiat Kasumu 

Rafiat Kasumu is a perfect blend of beauty and brains. She is the CMO and CSO of Kente Master, a fabric artisan start up promoting entrepreneurship in Africa by serving a fine blend of premium Kente graduation stoles.

Rafiat and her teammates co-founded the company because they wanted to revolutionize the threatened traditional weaving industry and by doing this, they are creating a platform that facilitates the growth of these weaver’s craftsmanship, contributing to job creation and the economic development in Ghana. 

Kente Master works with the most skilled, traditional Kente Weaving Associations in Ghana, to provide their numerous clients with the most unique and intricate Kente designs available. The team takes pride in the fact that they can help traditional weavers upscale their business by giving them key contract opportunities.

Above the business, Kente Master hopes that one day they can  develop an annual scholarship fund to support local students in Ghana towards their higher education.

Rafiat’s biggest’s advice to women in business is this, “Make sure you are passionate about the problem your start-up was created to solve. This is essential because that passion you have will be the fuel for business. When you speak to others about your start-up’s goals, they will hear that passion in your voice and see it on your face and they’ll think – yes, this is someone who knows what she is doing and why she is doing it. Always let that passion drive you through every stage of your business!”

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