Okeyinfu Ajayi for Career Quick Five

Okeyinfu Ajayi is the Executive Director and Founder of Busy Minds Center, an educational institution and training center in Nigeria. She founded Busy Minds Center in 2013 and has grown the organization to enviable heights in the education landscape in Nigeria. She is experienced in curriculum integration and is certified as an Assessment Leadby evidence-based education in the United Kingdom.

Additionally, Okeyinfu has over 2 decades of experience across Educational and learning management, performance improvement, business development, supply chain management, curriculum development and mapping tools, business analysis and systems audits. She works as a business analyst trainer and mentor with a consulting and training firm in the United Kingdom.

Okeyinfu is an entrepreneur and coach with an infectious passion for helping individuals, and businesses build systems that make for personal and professional excellence. As a business structure consultant, she works with business leaders to create relevant processes for business sustainability. She has proven experience working with multi-sectoral entrepreneurs in industries such as Education, Fashion, Gifting, Photography, Social Entrepreneurship and Food mostly customer focussed small and medium-sized businesses for the purpose of building structure to meet growing business demands.

1. How do you advocate for yourself and communicate your achievements within your organization?
I am quite self-aware and I have learned to believe in my value, my experiences and showcase my unique skills and expertise by documenting my work, writing about my experiences, mentoring and coaching my team, and generally giving the team the context to build upon. I also stay informed,celebrate successes, pursue continuous learning, and stay focused.
2. What’s your favorite power breakfast that fuels your brain for the day?
I love my yoghurt and granola in the mornings. It keeps me full for longer and topping that with ginger and line tea is simply bliss. Otherwise, oatmeal and boiled eggs works.
3. What role has mentorship played in your professional development?
Mentorship is a huge part of my journey because it provided me the opportunity to learn from others’ experiences – good and bad – using that as a compass for my journey. I have tons of virtual mentors and learning from them over the years has been immensely beneficial in shaping long-term perspectives and protecting my mindset.
4. Share a morning mantra that boosts your confidence and sets the tone.
All things are possible if I believe. I need to Think it, Plan it, Do it, Document it.
5. Time-traveling question: What advice would your future self give your morning self?
I will advice that I need to try to smile and be engaged and enthusiastic about meeting and talking to others as it sets the tone and has the capacity to colour the day, not just for me, but for others.

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