Office Etiquette Rules You Need To Know

It’s not enough to be the best dressed at work. Arriving early and being the first person to log in the time book is definitely not enough. And just as we need to master etiquette for dinner with the queen,it is also of utmost importance to act right at the workplace. here are a few rules of the workplace you need to know.

Do not engage in gossip
People are going to gossip everywhere you go. The majority of people love to chat with their friends about something they find interesting, it’s natural. And speculating about others is a guilty habit that you need to break out of in the office. Who knows, you might even be the subject of some gossip, somewhere. The best thing to do in that situation is to ignore it. Don’t engage in rumors, even though you might be tempted. If you stay out of it, you’ll feel more professional at work.

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Take issues to the relevant people
You are not going to get along with or share the same views as everyone you meet. But it is very important to keep it professional in the workplace. Always rise above the negativity and try not to retaliate against it. Inform someone higher up if a problem arises and carry on as you would. Remember, you are not going to like everyone!

Give undivided attention
When someone approaches your desk or talks to you and you’ve got a mountain of work to go through, it’s so easy to just stare at them blankly and agree. Not really hearing what they say. Try to give undivided attention when anyone asks for it, if it’s not possible, tell them to come back to you when you’ve finished and then give them your attention.

Be the positivity you want to see
Everyone has bad days, if you notice your colleagues looking a bit negative and down, be the positivity you want to see. Lift them up, remind them that they can do anything and be there if they need you. When you have a bad day, others will come to your rescue – making teamwork so much more fun!

Always talk to the newbie
Occasionally there will be a newbie in the office. Even if you aren’t working together closely, it’s always a good idea to make them feel included and at home within the first few days. Ask if you can join them for lunch. Get to know them, ask questions. Not only is this helping you get to know people, but it will also help solve those awkward unanswered questions they may have about how things work.

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