NYLON – Holding On To What Is Left Of Who We Are


Photo: Bellanaija

Wana Udobang’s recent documentary ‘Nylon’ tells a somewhat familiar story of 1 in every 5 strong women: grief. Her interest on the oftentimes ignored subject led her to come up with the bravest decision: putting her mother in the center of her documentary.

For Wana, it is a call to being aware that trauma is not exclusive. It happens to anyone and ultimately makes the craving for support, kind words and the holding of hands, endless.

On her inspiration for the theme, Wana revealed “For quite some time, I have been very interested in exploring trauma and grief in my work, what it does to us and how we navigate through it, yet trying to make sense of our lives and hold on to what is left of who we are after these experiences.

Sometimes we forget our parents are human with histories, baggage, memories and are also navigating this very interesting and complex maze called life.”

Mrs Udobang’s honest and heartfelt outbursts on the death of her 10-year old daughter – Esua, which happened 3 decades back, makes us indeed thankful for her boldness to share her story with the world.

“She was just different, people loved her… I never believed that I could have my own child in one minute and before I blinked my eyes, that was the end. Since she died, I hardly smiled.”

As much as it emphasized age-long grief, hurt, and possible self-blame, we did not fail to notice and appreciate the strength that lurked somewhere in her voice.

Thanks to Mrs Udobang and every mother who have gone all the way, holding on to what’s left of them.


See the documentary on youtube

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