Nora Awolowo: We have more women taking up leading creative roles in the industry.


Nora Awolowo is a Nigerian film director, cinematographer, documentary photographer, producer, and creative director. Nora through her passion for directing learned through online tutorials (self-taught). Nora Awolowo is a Nigerian photographer, cinematographer, filmmaker and Visual Storyteller.

She’s a renown creative widely acclaimed for her unique Storytelling skills that brings ideas to life and gives color and depth to otherwise bland ideas that allow people to connect with the message in a deeper, more meaningful way. She started out as a creative photographer using mobile phones to capture beautiful portraits. Over the years, Nora has grown and built her brand as a reputable filmmaker and Visual Storyteller.

Nora Awolowo has worked on several high-profile projects with reputable brands like Netflix, FIFA, Tecno, Sterling Bank, Zero Degrees, Mastercard Foundation, Chipper Cash, Leadway Pensure, Zebra Stripes Network, Action Aid International, Visa Nigeria, GitHub, and other topnotch organizations.

We had the privilege of knowing more about her and telling her story through this in-depth interview. Read and Be Inspired!

Tell us about yourself

Hi, My name is Nora Awolowo, A photographer, cinematographer and visual consultant.

What has it been like being in the photography space as a woman? 

For someone like me, I juggle a lot of roles together, and my aim is to excel at whatever I do. It is a normal day working as a female in the industry if you are great at what you do. Representation matters too, I am glad we have more women taking up leading creative roles in the industry.

As a young person in Nigeria, what are the major challenges you’ve faced in your career?

I think for me, it was the fact I didn’t have a mentor in my field of work. 

You have to wing things alone, experience and figure things out yourself. It is a lonely path, but now I am always happy seeing female cinematographers in particular. We don’t have a lot of them around.

Do you believe the world will be a better place if women took up more spaces in the photography world?

Yes, I do. Women taking more leading roles in the creative industry helps with the gender inclusion, a better pathway for more women to dream big, aspire and also be part of the industry. 

How did this journey begin, where did the drive and passion come from?

I started as a mobile phone photographer, then bought my camera, dived into photography fully and decided I didn’t just want to be a photographer alone. I decided to learn from my friends who where in the video industry, started learning the ropes and what it takes to be a cinematographer, interned on multiple projects and from there, started taking roles when I knew it was time to challenge myself. Now I have a production company called Rixel Studios, I lead the creative direction of the team, also a cinematographer and take on interesting photography projects. To be honest, I doubt there is a role I can’t take when the need arises, I mean I edit sometimes too, and also an aerial pilot. (winks)

Has having female mentors played a huge role in your career and how?

I didn’t have one like I initially stated, so yeah, I am still winging and figuring things out as the day comes

Has a young entrepreneur, what’s your take on the African mentality toward hiring young female photographers?

 I personally think things have changed, currently it is not how it was 5-10yrs ago.

We have more women in the photography space, I need the same change for women in the cinematography space. More female photographers are taking up great roles already, what we need now is the access to more resources for them, and more paths created for the younger ones to be able to join without barriers.



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