Mojoyin Oyadiran – Rocking Your Twenties

Mojoyin Oyadiran

We all have different views of how we enjoy life. My description of this is taking full advantage of my existence and potentials while having fun and enjoying every step of the moment. Single or married, young or old, life is for the taking!

Single in your 20s

There seems to be a going concern that you have to tie the knot in your twenties or before 30. For me, if you‘re single or married at whatever age, please live your life to the fullest. If you are single, there‘s no point building your life around a man you’ve not met or a man that hasn’t made definite commitments to spend the rest of his life with you. For instance, you want to move to another city for your MBA, and you’re already scared that you might not find a husband there. Why??? Or you really need a car but you’re scared that you might chase suitors away by so doing. Or you find yourself generally stalling with life goals because you’re waiting to execute them with the life partner you have not met. No way, ladies! Please live your life. If you want to buy a car, buy it. If you want to buy a land or a house, buy it. Don’t be afraid to add value to yourself.  It makes you a better wife to the man that’s meant for you. If the man to marry you is threatened by your accomplishments, he is not yours! No doubt we all need to stay humble with all our accomplishments. Tuck the advice in your heart’s pocket. 

Mojoyin Oyadiran

Married in your 20s

Marriage is beautiful. At whatever internationally acquiesced maturity age, it’s the will of God. Nonetheless, when you’re married, the reality is that with or without children, you’re not as free as you were before marriage. You always need to put your partner into consideration before taking decisions. It’s even more hectic when children start to come. You need to double up your determination for achieving your goals as a working mom. Very many ladies in their 20s are at lower cadre in their places of work, and they need to prove themselves on their skill. Moms in their 20s are probably competing with single men and women who don’t have to wake up at midnight to breastfeed or attend to babies. Motherhood in your 20s is truly beautiful, just ensure you get the best support system if you want to keep your career/business in top gear. 

Remember your twenties is when you have maximum potential and can take risks. Being idle or wasting time on unnecessary things is the worst thing that we can do to ourselves. Time is the only thing that cannot be regained. Hence, proper utilisation of time is essential.” This is also the age we are actively on social media and we all know how time-consuming social media can be. Build a constructive time for social media activities and all other fun activities. For me, I have created 6 pm to post and surf for 20minutes and 9 pm to surf for 20mintues before I sleep. No more endless, aimless, Instagram surfing. You will sleep better and mind your business more. 

Over all advice for maximising your 20s, make good friends, network, start saving, surround yourself with mentors, explore your different career interests, invest in yourself, take risks. Cheers to you as you rock your twenties.


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