Michelle Ekure’s entrepreneurial success proves that no talent is insignificant


Michelle Ekure’s story is one that will definitely inspire you to go after your dreams and do something with the talent that you have. After graduating from the University of Benin six years ago, Michelle searched for a job like most graduates would do but her search was unfruitful.

When she finally thought she had found the perfect job, her boss owed her so much salary that holding on to the job could no longer be justified. It was at this point that she decided to find a solution to her predicament.

Michelle did not start off as a CEO. She simply wanted to get by and pay her bills. She was able to do this by buying sandals in Lagos and re-selling them to as many people as she could find. After successfully re-selling sandals, Michelle went a step further by asking her suppliers to customize sandals for her and put her label on it. her suppliers agreed.

It became clear that that Michelle was now on the path to becoming an entrepreneur. As the money came in, she didn’t rest on her oars. Instead, Michelle began to nurse the thoughts of making her own shoes. After watching a professional make shoes, her curiosity was awakened and she decided to learn how to make shoes. 


Michelle presently makes around 50 pairs of shoes a week and has 6 apprentices working for her. She has sold these shoes to celebrities including Alibaba. She believes that everyone can make money by learning a trade.

“I always tell people I come in contact with that are looking for job to start something. .Anything you are good at can bring money to you or just learn a trade.”

The Delta State Heritage recently gave her an award in recognition of her entrepreneurial success. We are sure this is the first of many more to come!

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