Meet Uloma Mbuko, the Queen of Golf in Africa


If you didn’t know her before it is a pleasure to introduce Uloma Mbuko, Nigeria’s top female golfer who has competed across Africa at the highest level of the sport for 17 years and has reached the Class A level, which has just a few Nigerian women golfers.

She has won about 200 awards and is called the Queen of Golf in Africa. What we find interesting is her decision to play in fewer tournaments so that she can help train other Nigerian women to become good golfers.

We love it when successful women take the initiative to train others. Since the cost of joining a golf club in Nigeria is high, Uloma and some professional Nigerian golfers are trying to help young people pay for the cost of playing the sport.

Uloma’s aim is to see her students, playing internationally in the next three years.

“Yes, we are ladies, yes, we are African, but we have what it takes, we have the talent. I want to sit down and watch television and see Nigerian ladies competing in ladies’ Masters and like, ‘Oh yeah, this is my girl, this is my girl.’”

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