Meet Selly Raby Kane: Senegalese Fashion Designer, Filmmaker and Creator of Out-of-the-world Designs

When Beyoncé was pictured with one of Selly Raby Kane’s designs back in 2016, she went ‘viral’. Now, Selly Raby’s designs have become the face of the fashion genre ‘Afrofuturism’ in the global fashion scene, intertwining bold prints, woven embellishments, and vibrant colors into rebellious silhouettes that challenge convention. Kane’s vision extends beyond fashion; it envisions creating imaginary worlds infused with real-world knowledge.

Her journey started with a switch from studying law in Paris to exploring fashion at a school called L’Institut Supérieur Spécialisé de la Mode. There, she learned different ways to create clothes, like sewing and making patterns.

In 2012, Kane’s first clothing collection stood out because it mixed old and new styles. She used ideas from military clothes, street fashion, and even sci-fi movies. Her designs were a blend of traditional and futuristic.

Besides redefining fashion, Selly has also become well-known for making movies. Her short film in 2017, “The Other Dakar,” showed stories from Senegalese history and got a lot of praise from film festivals. She also worked with IKEA, creating things for their collections.

Kane believes in making things that show African culture in new ways. She works with groups in Dakar, like Petite Pierre, to create different art forms. Her aim is to support new voices and build a special culture in the city.

Selly Raby Kane’s journey is all about bringing together her love for art and her city’s stories. Her work in fashion and film is more than just style; it’s about sharing her culture with the world in a way that’s fresh and exciting.

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