Meet Princess Odiakosa, the woman with plans to turn Nigeria into the sweetest place in Africa


Africa produces nearly 70% of the world’s cocoa yet the continent is not known for making luxury chocolate. Princess is a woman on a mission to change that. Her company, Kalabari Gecko produces different kind of chocolates in Nigeria, using only Nigerian cocoa. 

Princess had always loved chocolate from as far back as when she was little. This is probably one of the things that motivated the business. In her own words, “there is something very compelling about the visual structure of chocolates and its formation in a box. There is the mystery embedded in the interiors of its inner cavities, and the burst of polyphenols, a reward your brain is always thankful for.”

Another reason she started making chocolates was the fact that whenever she traveled outside Nigeria, she was always asked to come back with chocolate, when there’s so much cocoa in the country. She wanted to change the narrative. 

The journey to achieving this has not been easy. Since there were no chocolate making schools or classes in Africa, she had to go to North Europe to learn the art of turning bean to bar.

Her dream is for her factory to produce high quality affordable chocolate for Nigerians and the people they love all over the world.

She wants to make Nigeria the sweetest place in Africa! 

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