Meet Nataliey Bitature: Ugandan Innovator and Co-founder of Musana Carts, Empowering Street Vendors

Dr. Nataliey Bitature, an African entrepreneur and advocate for women, embodies resilience and determination. Her journey is a testament to empowerment, innovation, and a steadfast commitment to uplifting African women.

Early Aspirations to Empowering Leadership

As a Leadership and Performance Coach, Speaker, and Entrepreneur, Dr. Nataliey Bitature brings a decade of empowering African women to the forefront. Recognized by prestigious platforms such as Forbes, The World Economic Forum, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and various UN Agencies, her work has made a significant impact.

Driven by her firsthand experience as a working African woman, Nataliey founded ‘HER,’ an online empowerment community. This initiative aims to mentor and support young African women in their career and personal development.

Fostering Empowerment and Resilience

Her endeavor to make mentorship more accessible led her to create informative videos on Facebook and YouTube. The overwhelming response inspired her to curate HER’s courses, offering crucial tools for women’s progress and a supportive community.

Innovating with Musana Carts

Nataliey Bitature is the force behind Musana Carts, redefining street food vending with solar-powered carts. These carts provide a cleaner, safer, and more efficient solution for vendors, equipped with eco-friendly stoves, light bulbs, and phone chargers. Musana Carts also offer essential training and finance access, promoting inclusive business growth.

Recognitions and Contributions

Nataliey’s contributions have earned her accolades from Forbes 30 Under 30, The World Bank, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and the World Economic Forum. Her role as Chief of Staff at The Simba Group showcases her expertise in overseeing operations and fostering impactful partnerships in Uganda.

Pursuit of Knowledge and Expansion

Driven by her quest for learning, Nataliey holds executive education certifications from the Harvard Kennedy School and a Master’s in Social Entrepreneurship from Hult University. Her undergraduate degree and Honorary Doctorate in Business and Innovation from Keele University underscore her dedication to excellence.

Pioneering Change and Leadership

Nataliey is actively involved in various boards and foundations, including Uganda Property Holdings Ltd, The Quiin Abenakyo Foundation, and Start-Up Hub Africa. Her recognition by the Young Achievers Awards further emphasizes her significant contributions to business.

Empowering Women through ‘HER’

‘HER,’ Nataliey’s brainchild, is a comprehensive online platform addressing the needs of working African women. Offering resources, original content, and guest speakers, ‘HER’ fosters meaningful exchanges, mentorship, coaching, and networking opportunities for young African women.

Nataliey Bitature continues to redefine empowerment and resilience for African women through Musana Carts and ‘HER.’ Her visionary leadership aims to create a future where barriers are overcome, potentials are unleashed, and empowerment knows no bounds.

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