Meet Kris Oziofu Ero, Radio host and founder Wellnessng


Being a woman entails a lot of responsibilities but for Kris hers is probably much more . She is a radio host, emcee, a public speaker, a serial entrepreneur and a child and family wellness advocate. She runs the WellBabyNG brand, a platform that creates and aids in the creation of solutions that promote optimal wellness.

Wondering why she towed this path? Kris believes that nothing is as fulfilling as knowing that what you do is something that improves the health and wellness of people by promoting right lifestyle choices and positive wellbeing.

She believes that every woman must first of all think themselves capable of achieving anything they want to, it is very important because the entrepreneurial terrain can sometimes be a deterrent to one’s dreams especially if you are a woman. In her own words you’ve got to “believe in yourself, build a strong network of influencers, be bold enough to market your brand with no apologies and always always be ready to learn, to be better at your craft.”

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