Meet Kierra Henderson, The Trucking Guru

Kierra Henderson, known as a Trucking Guru, is a name to reckon in the transportation industry. Operating this business for the last 15 years and achieving successes all the way, she is one of those millionaires in the industry for whom success is just one step away.

Taking inspiration from her father, she launched Trucking Guru and soon saw herself steering the wheels. In no time, she was able to get a 45 % contract in the oil and gas industry. She is now the owner of an ample number of trucks, dispatchers, and a brokerage firm.

Trucking in the United States remains a highly competitive, challenging, and equally lucrative business. It is the main contributor to the country’s GDP employing around 950000 truck drivers. So making a mark in the industry is not so easy, but for Kierra, it became a game and a matter of survival, so she did it and now wants others to do it.

Kierra presently owns more than 116 trucks and till date has contracted deals having value more than 100 million dollars. Being a self-made entrepreneur, her journey of success was built only with extreme hard work and her stubborn willpower, with which she navigated through a very difficult business niche, despite suffering from high gender disparity.

Today she secures more than 45% of the contracts in the oil and petroleum industry while satisfying their transportation and dispatch related necessities.

This article was culled from AP News

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