Making A Career Move: 5 questions Every Confident Career Woman Should Ask


Some of the things you should weigh before making a big career change could include factoring in what you will lose –– or at least, what you think you may lose. Here are five questions you should ask yourself before pulling the plug on such a life-altering decision.

1. Why Change Your Life and Start a New Career?

Why not be happy? You’ve been in the same position long enough to see the company change, and you are no longer satisfied with your job. This is what tipped the scale for my friends:

  • Your role changed. A friend of mine was bumped to another section; one minute she’s leading a multimillion-dollar growth initiative at a company worth $40 billion, the next she’s assigned to the tedium of the corporate strategy unit because her company lacked a culture of experimentation. She knew her value and quickly started the job search, receiving offers from both Twitter and Facebook. She is now enjoying her new role as a product manager at the latter.


  • You deserve career advancement. Another felt that the small team did not allow for growth. She wrestled with moving out of EdTech, and only after months of soul-searching and career coaching found a perfect fit as an interactive producer for an advertising agency.


  • You’re seeking a challenge. One reached the top of the ranks and was running the place like a champ, but became bored with the minutia. She craved something more creative, and rather than taking a similar type of job with Pandora, opted for a pay cut and now serves as a project manager for a highly-regarded agency with clients like Netflix, Amazon and Google.
  • You’re in the wrong industry. Two friends, after years of law school and big firm work, found themselves in what was (for them) the wrong career. One went directly into nursing school, while the other lived off savings, taking time off to find the “right” job — and is now director of development for a solar energy company.


  • You need a better environmental fit. A different friend’s favorite boss left, leaving a management void in an already negative company culture. She left to spend a year at home with her two young kids before landing a program management position at an innovative technology company.


2. What Matters Most in Your Career?

Here are some common answers I’ve seen:

This article was culled from Forbes. Written by Heather McGough

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