This is why we love Omolara Tayo Sobajo


When you notice a problem, what do you do? Complain all day long or do something about it? Omolara lives in the UK and was dissatisfied with the kind of make up products available to women of color. So instead of complaining about it, she decided to work on it.

Omolara merged her knowledge in microbiology with her love for make up to create MoMineral makeup together with her husband.

In her own words “Only a few makeup brands produced limited shades of foundation for dark skin and the available brands will either leave the skin looking too grey or too “ashy” and dry.  In addition to this, the composition of some makeup products available on the market are not always healthy for melanin-rich skin.


MoMineral Makeup was created to provide African and Caribbean women with more choices when it comes to makeup products and our products are formulated from natural ingredients.”

We love that her products are
•    100% natural
•    Lightweight, does not block skin pore, allows the skin to breathe (non-comedogenic).
•    Dermatologically approved and suitable for post cosmetic procedures.
•    Halal friendly except for mascara which contains alcohol.
Omolara is the symbol of a determined woman who does’t just talk but takes action.


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