#LLANews – Linda Thomas-Greenfield Nominated as US Ambassador to the United Nations

Linda Thomas-Greenfield

US President-Elect Joe Biden announced that he intends to nominate Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield as US Ambassador to the United Nations. The Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Presidential Center for Women and Development (EJS Center) and the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Presidential Foundation (EJS Foundation) extend our warmest congratulations to Amb. Thomas-Greenfield for this well-deserved honour.

Amb. Thomas-Greenfield has served as the Chair of the EJS Foundation since 2018 and has played an invaluable role in guiding its strategy to advance women’s public leadership through supporting the work of the EJS Center.

Speaking about the appointment, former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf said:

“Linda Thomas-Greenfield is an accomplished diplomat, a tireless advocate for gender equality, a champion of close ties between the United States and Africa, and a personal friend. Her nomination will serve as inspiration for women around the world who aspire to ascend to the highest levels of diplomacy.”

Amb. Thomas-Greenfield’s distinguished diplomatic career includes service as Ambassador to Liberia from 2008-2012 when she played an instrumental role in strengthening US-Liberia relations. She later served as Assistant Secretary for the Bureau of African Affairs from 2013-2017, where she led the bureau focused on the development and management of U.S. policy toward sub-Saharan Africa.


We extend our warmest congratulations to Amb. Thomas-Greenfield for this well-deserved honour.

This blog was originally published on EJSCenter.

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