#LLAInterview with ELP 2022 participant: Susan Akpomera


Please tell us about yourself and your business

I am Susan Akpomera, The CEO of HEALTHY DIEATRY FEATS, a health and dietary consulting company focused on helping individuals, families and organisations make healthy dietary choices.
Basically, I provide healthy meal plans tailored for individuals based on their health needs, place people on health friendly exercises and healthy lifestyle change.
My health consulting journey began as a Licensed Dental Nurse in 2015, actively practising dental care before I started my company in 2020.
In HEALTHY DIETARY FEATS, we currently help people;
  • Lose weight
  • Lose belly fat and stay in shape
  • Gain weight
  • Prepare specialized meal plans for people with health conditions
  • Help pregnant women and nursing mums live healthy throughout their reproductive health
I have been privileged to offer all the services above to over 1000 people in Nigeria, Canada, United States of America, London and Ghana

What major challenges have you faced as an entrepreneur?

I will say funding, my kind of work will require money especially to organise medical outreaches, seminars, coachings and trainings especially for nursing mums who may not be able to afford my paid classes.
Secondly, there is low dietary awareness. People don’t see the need to pay for health and dietary services, the ideology of “Food is food” is a major issue I am currently tackling in my business

How did attending ELP impact your business? And how will you put what you’ve learned into your business?

The decision to attend this training was a game changer. The trainers were fantastic and the topics addressed every issue I had and may have in future in my business. Now I know better ways to keep my financial books, my business model was developed in that class, I met with amazing people who have become clients and people I will be partnering too in business. Now I can communicate effectively about my business, the class on marketing opened my eyes to my customer avatar. Oh Mr John Iyoha’s class on entrepreneurship and branding opened my eyes to what I should be doing in my business. Mrs Tina taught us on Pitching and how to develop a pitch deck and that opened my eyes better on how I should sell my business to investors
Everything in this training will be implemented, structures properly crafted, proper marketing strategies, I am always going to be investor ready too and now I am going back to set my books in order.

You are one of the awardees of the business grant. How did you feel when your name was announced?

Oh what joy! I was the first name called and my heart raced a thousand times more, my excitement was over roof, because every participant who pitched brought their A-game, it was such a tough competition and emerging one of the winners brought so much joy to my heart.
A big thank you to the judges for counting my business investor- worthy

How will that grant help your business?

It’s time for work, this grant will reflect in our sales. We are going all out in our branding and marketing strategies, our website for easy accessibility, more reach will be birthed too. More health awareness coachings too. Now it is time for more, we want to be one of the leading health consulting companies in Nigeria, across Africa and the world at large and we are ready for it

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