#LLAInterview: “Stay in your lane and run your race, eradicate fear with faith. Self-sabotage happens when we don’t action out our ideas.”- Bulelwa Mpinda, Founder of Young and Spiritually Inspired (YSI)

Bulelwa Mpinda

Bulelwa Mpinda is the founder of an organization called Young and Spiritually Inspired. She was born in the year 1991 August 23rd,in South Africa. Adopted at 3 years old.

She matriculated at Blue Hills College in the year of 2010. Then she advanced into the working field in the year of 2011 and also founded her organization.

Her passions lie in uplifting the youth and woman giving them a holistic approach to life’s vast challenges. Through her life story hopes that many find inspiration and most importantly to advance in excellence. She is an unapologetic woman of God.

Bulelwa was featured on the Metro Fm talk positive Talk by [Criselda Kanada], alongside powerhouse Phumzile Mlambo [Executive Director at UN Woman]. She also had a conversation with Kwena Marara Moabelo at Power Fm about her journey with her organization,appearances on Gau TV and also Sabc 1. 

She has worked with some of the prominent names in society such as, Mihlali Ndamase, Dineo Noni through having a pad drive for disadvantaged children in an orphanage, hosting a woman empowerment event, Criselda Kananda,and many more. 

Bulelwa has recently launched a podcast called [INSPIRED TALKS] that gives more insight about her being adopted and sharing her experiences that many may find healing through her personal struggles she lives by her slogan “I use words to Heal”

Her greatest mission in life is to build one of the most influential christian brands in Africa to collect their stories and share them with the world.

LeadingLadiesAfrica: Hello Bulelwa, It’s great to have you on LLA. Who is Bulelwa Mpinda?

Bulelwa Mpinda: I am the daughter of the Most High God, in Him I move and have my being. An audacious 30-year-old woman who is passionate about the youth, living a purpose-driven life. Adopted at the age of three and abandoned at birth. My journey has been constant collisions of grace and mercy. I am your faith influencer, a woman who uses words to heal.I am an introverted woman who loves nature and can be found reading varied biographies and life testimonies on YouTube.

Bulelwa Mpinda and Team

LeadingLadiesAfrica: Please tell us what inspired you to start the digital movement, Young and Spiritually Inspired?

Bulelwa Mpinda: Young and Spiritually Inspired was founded in the year 2011, this came as a result of not having financial resources to further my studies to go into university. I’ve always had a passion for writing and the youth. I never realized that this would propel me into building a dynamic brand. I’ve always shied away from the spotlight but, because of my life’s testimony I knew I had to liberate and inspire many young people through my journey.


I then started a Facebook page with my Blackberry curve 9300. I told all my friends to like and to share the page; I had absolutely no clue what God had in store for me, all I was doing was sharing my devotions and healing myself through these words. I went into the corporate space and everyone who had an encounter with me eventually knew about Young and Spiritually Inspired. I would be the designated lady to share devotions during my days at Multichoice and all  other companies. Everyone became a YSI Family member. 


All my friends at the time went to university and I was the misfit battling between honoring my purpose and trying to fit in. I didn’t know how to handle this sudden revelation that had come upon my life. I kept being Divinely instructed not to give up and to honor the season I was in. 

I vividly remember one day, my parents taking me to the doctor, I had lost the joy of life and I sat in that room as he explained to my now 75- and 76-year-old parents that I was depressed. The only thing that brought me calm and serenity was writing and worship music. I knew then, that God saved my life through Young and Spiritually Inspired and it would be a lifeline to so many other souls for this reason it was birthed.


LeadingLadiesAfrica: If you could describe yourself with one word, what would it be?

Bulelwa Mpinda: LUMINARY 


LeadingLadiesAfrica: What keeps you motivated?

Bulelwa Mpinda: Working for a larger purpose motivates me to thrive in all I do, excellence is my signature. I am motivated by seeing lives being transformed right before my eyes. I am motivated by this very verse Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” 

LeadingLadiesAfrica: What was growing up like and how did your childhood experiences impact on the woman you have become today?

Bulelwa Mpinda: I had an incredible childhood and for that, I am eternally grateful. My childhood comprised of me being at church on Sabbath [Saturday]. I am Seventh Day-Adventists, and the foundations of presenting at Sabbath school allowed me to embrace the crowds I would eventually lead.

Every Sunday I would be at pathfinder practice; this is where we would practice our marching skills like scouting yet with a spiritual meaning. After practice we would buy Kota [South African street food sandwich] and an ice pop, in Soweto the largest township in South Africa, then come back and play.

I attended a lot of camps; I went to a leadership camp every September which my friend’s dad’s company would have for their children, and I would tag along. Being surrounded by diverse ethnic groups helped me with relating with people. This one experience we slept at the top of the mountain as a group, a bush fire was lit, and everyone had the responsibility to make sure that the fire does not go out. This now to me symbolizes that I should always keep my fire burning through prayer so many can catch the light.


Every December I would find myself in another camp; this one was for my church; we would come back in January. This camp homed in on my spiritual gifts; we had to choose workshops each year, mine comprised of the choir and knitting. I love singing, one of my hidden talents.


I went to Christian schools, I guess you can now see the endorsement and alignment towards my purpose. In my younger years I had a lisp which challenged my ability to speak fluently, this resulted in me attending speech therapy. Every detail in my life was preparation. In school, I shared poetry in our school magazine, danced, sang, and played the guitar. A very cultural and creative woman. One of the distinctions I received in my matric 12 years ago was in religious studies.


My childhood experiences developed a very powerful, resilient, and God-fearing woman who leads with so much compassion and empathy. Through the camps and church, I learnt to delve deep into people’s hurts and lead them to the Source of Life. I am a product of my church community and parents who sacrificed all they have so I wouldn’t lack. To say I want to do the same and pour out my all, so lives are transformed I am the blessing someone needs.

LeadingLadiesAfrica: Share with us some tips that have made the journey significantly easier?

Bulelwa Mpinda: 1. I don’t touch my phone first thing in the mornings, I dedicate that part of the day to God in prayer.

  1. I write down all my personal and spiritual goals and dedicate them to God. Read Habbakuk 2:2-3 in your Bible.
  2. Treating people with respect, regardless of the positions they hold in society. I relate with everyone on a human level..
  3. Delegation is key! A principle my dad taught me, that I live by. You can’t do everything on your own, build a dynamic team.
  4. Do your research! I watch Ted talks and read a lot. I acquired social media marketing skills that have helped me through my journey. I remember sitting with a web developer years ago as he developed my first website. I asked a lot of questions which helped me to know the back end of my website.
  5. In decision making ask yourself this question, “how will this impact my future in 5 years’ time?”


LeadingLadiesAfrica: Has mentoring been a part of your journey? If yes, How so?

Bulelwa Mpinda: This is quite an emotional question to answer, I’ve had phenomenal mentors in my lifetime. I lost one due to covid, Alex Granger, last year and another mentor of mine was an incredible woman named Jabulile Buthelezi. There are many people I’ve observed closely as virtual mentors who also have given me a clearer perspective in what I do.


Mentorship has played a pivotal role in my life simply because I believe in asking those who have gone ahead of me to gain the lessons, and to better my outlook and decision-making. I am a very intentional woman who knows what she wants. I approached both my mentors and gave them an outline of what I wanted to achieve, also realizing that the work I needed to do on my own, because my mentor is not my parent or my friend. I needed solid advice from them and whilst keeping the mutual respect which would help us reach my desired goals.


One of my mentors carried me like a handbag to expose me to all she does, be it radio, television, or interviews. I would observe carefully how she would handle diverse roles and ask questions. I would edit scripts; I would also be shown how to answer emails and approach clients and sponsors.


Today all those skills help me. It is so important to be teachable and never feel as if you’ve arrived, it’s a journey of constant lessons. Many want to be spoon fed and unwilling to research and do the work. You can’t have instant growth; it takes time; your mentor is the navigator; you are the driver, and you need to take control to reach your destination.


While listening to Vastly Sage by Amanda Dambuza, she spoke on mentorship, she says people need to be clear if they want mentorship, friendship, or a lunch date, so we don’t waste people’s time.


LeadingLadiesAfrica: Can you share two things most people do not know about 

Bulelwa Mpinda: 1. I am a 30 year woman who has submitted her body to God. I’m waiting to have sex in marriage, and I share my “why” on my podcast, Inspired Talks. [Link to my podcast: https://kite.link/inspired-talks]

  1. When I’m annoyed, angry, or unsettled I resort to cleaning to avoid an outburst, I also can’t sleep in a messy room.


LeadingLadiesAfrica: 3 books on your ‘re-read’ list?

Bulelwa Mpinda: – Lost and Found by Sarah Jakes Roberts 

– Take the Risk by Ben Carson

– Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren 

LeadingLadiesAfrica: What is your advice to that young woman who is crippled with self-limiting beliefs and doubts?

Bulelwa Mpinda: I would say to this woman, no one has life figured out, we feel the fear and do it, scared. You need no validation, what God has put inside of you has been designed for greatness. Our problem is that we tend to measure our lives with people who have had a head start in life. Stay in your lane and run your race, eradicate fear with faith. Self-sabotage happens when we don’t action out our ideas. Have I ever doubted myself? Absolutely, yet I never allowed that to dictate the outcome of my destiny. Pray vulnerable and honest prayers. Be specific and open to God. The world is not coming to save you, no one is. You can sit your entire life having a pity party or you can show up as the highest version of yourself and thrive beyond the imposter syndrome. I challenge this woman to write herself a letter.


Bulelwa Mpinda social platforms:





Instagram: @young_and_spiritually_inspired 

Facebook: Young and Spiritually Inspired  

Twitter: @ysi_family

Website: www.teamysi.co.za 




Instagram : @bulelwa.mpinda

Twitter : @bulelwampinda 

Facebook: Bulelwa Buli Mpinda 

Email : Bulelwa@teamysi.co.za 


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