#LLAInterview: “Dear Woman, You’re more powerful than you think you are! Your message holds the solution and strategy for the future,” Tiphani Montgomery, Bestselling Author & Founder of MILLIONS Conference.

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Tiphani Montgomery is the founder & CEO of the MILLIONS Conference, a powerful event for entrepreneurs who learn how to influence MILLIONS, make MILLIONS, and win MILLIONS to Christ through the power of entrepreneurship. Prior to launching MILLIONS, she founded KINGDOM ENTREPRENEUR UNIVERSITY – a high level online educational platform that has trained 3,000+ entrepreneurs worldwide on how to build a brand and business that impacts their generation.

Tiphani is also the founder of COVERED BY GOD, a prophetic and teaching ministry designed to wake up and stir the church with an awakening of the Holy Spirit and build up God’s prophets and prophetic voices to impact the nations. Our vision is to see millions of people coming to Jesus Christ. We desire to make disciples of all men, women, and children – educating them through sound biblical teaching and the prophetic.

Tiphani dropped out of college (it was a waste of money anyway) and began her entrepreneurial career in 2005 selling her self published books and ultimately becoming an Essence Magazine Bestselling Author, seven separate times. Her style is wild. It’s spiritual. And it’s ABSOLUTELY about cash-flow, power & fearless entrepreneurship.

In this interview with Leading Ladies Africa, Tiphani shares the inspiration behind becoming an author, how and why women should “turn their mess into a message” and make money from doing what they love and her advice for young female entrepreneurs. Lean in!

Who is Tiphani Montgomery?

Tiphani Montgomery is a force to reckoned with.

The inspiration behind becoming an author and entrepreneur (what are your roots, what connects your childhood to what you do now? Who are the most important people in your life and how did they impact you?)

When I was in high school, my principal wouldn’t let me graduate unless I took Anger Management Class. Although I was angry at the fact that I was being forced to take anger management (the irony! haha!) it was in that class that I learned how cathartic writing was and how good I was at it.

Graduating high school with a 1.7 GPA and giving birth to a baby shortly after making me a teen mom, I had to find a way to bring in an income so I decided to self publish my very first book of poetry. Writing the book made me an author and learning how to brand myself, market, and sell the book made me an entrepreneur.

I sold my books to anyone would make eye contact with me and a year later a publisher approached me and asked if I’d be willing to write a fiction novel. I said yes. I wrote my very first fiction novel in 3 months and it was in bookstores nationwide in the same year – making me an Essence Magazine best selling author that year and eventually 7 separate times after.

After my career as an author, I moved on to the world of online entrepreneurship and I’ve since built a million-dollar lifestyle brand from the comfort of my couch and it gives me the creative freedom I live for!!

Looking back to my youth, there was no other occupation for me to get into other than entrepreneurship. I started a snow shovelling business when I was 9. When my other friends were playing house, I was playing ‘laundry mat owner’ with friends who are now entrepreneurs as adults. lol. I also had my nail license in New York State when I was 16 and I would skip class to do full sets, fill-ins, and nail designs for my friends.

The most important people in my life now are my children. I enjoy being a mum and raising them to be forces to be reckoned with for their generation!

Advice for women who want to turn their mess into a message and make money doing what they love?

You are powerful!!! Way more powerful than you think you are! Your message holds the solution and strategy for the future. Share how you’ve survived what tried to break you. Share how your life is good and your plans to make it better. We all have a story that will free anyone who hears it.  Share it! And create products and services that you can charge for.

Image credit: Tiphani Montgomery

Tell us more about your faith and relationship with God, and the role that this plays in your life and business every single day.

I had a supernatural encounter with God in August 2015 in my shower. I heard Him tell me that I was His prophet and my life radically changed in that very moment. I had a Saul to Paul experience. The first ministry God put me in was prayer and fasting. All I’d known and focused on was entrepreneurship so putting my focus on a ministry that requires me to be hidden was different.

God poured a lot of revelation into me during those times. I dug into the word of God and couldn’t consume enough of it!! I was loving every second with my new relationship with God.  Because entrepreneurship was such a big part of my life I wanted to implement Him in my business so I began to look to Him as the CEO of my life and business.

I’d have business meetings with Him and in those meetings, He’d tell me what to do next.  And the most important part of working for my CEO is OBEDIENCE!!

Many women out there publish ebooks. However, not many of them know how to leverage their “authorship” and make money from them. How can people successfully make millions from their ebooks?

I’ve learned that people don’t study. Someone asks me ‘how do I market my book’ and I ask them what they know about marketing and it’s usually nothing. That’s the problem.  No movie producer promotes their movie on the day it’s released into the movie theatre. They promote their movie months, even years before it’s launched.

If that’s the case, why do authors wait until their books have been written to begin telling the world about it? By then, it’s way too late. To leverage your authorship you have to study the business of publishing and marketing. That’s how you become successful in this industry.

Image credit: Tiphani Montgomery

Mistakes and lessons learned.

The biggest mistake I’ve made was listening to the advice of people who haven’t accomplished what I was trying to accomplish, who have no peace, and who want what I have.  I am very cautious about who I take advice from these days and primarily rely heavily on the leading of Holy Spirit for direction.

Milestones and achievements.

I am the founder of an online entrepreneurial program called, Kingdom Entrepreneur University and I am also the founder of the MILLIONS Conference which is a live event that hosts over 2,000 entrepreneurs. And I started my prophetic and teaching ministry called, COVERED BY GOD.

Advice for younger female entrepreneurs.


Legacy/ What you would want to be remembered for.

I want to be remembered for speaking out when the world thought I should’ve been silent. I want to be remembered for the great exploits I did and the millions of souls I won for Jesus Christ. I want to be remembered for raising the worlds best children and being the wife of God’s best man.


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