#LLACareerToolkit – 5 Career Tips on Navigating The Workplace by Otegha Uwagba

Otegha Uwagba


Otegha Uwagba is the author of Little Black Book and founder of Women Who, a community for working women with events that link them up. Having worked in both advertising (BBDO) and branded content (Vice Media) Otegha now has her own book, blog, newsletter, podcast, events programme and freelance writing career.

Her book “Little Black Book” is a curation of career advice and insights inspired by her experiences as a young woman trying to make my way in the world. She wrote this book to help career woman navigate their way through the career world.

Here are 5 Career Tips on Navigating The Workplace by Otegha Uwagba. Read on

Communicate effectively

According to Otegha Uwagba, “The secret to building a healthy working relationship with your boss generally lies in your ability to communicate meaningfully with them about your ideas, problems and ambitions”. All manner of workplace ills can be addressed and overcome by way of a frank chat, so keep the lines of communication open. Also, try to figure out your teammate’s method and style of communication. 

Be a mentor

In the workplace, you will most likely be responsible for the affairs of other persons. Part of your job description could involve overseeing someone else’s career development and nurturing creative talent. Ensure to treat beneath you right and assign them to the kinds of tasks and projects that allow them to build up their own portfolios and hone their skills.

Choose collaborations wisely

In her book “Little Black Book” Otegha Uwagba said, Collaborations can be a real career boost, and are a great opportunity to expose your work to new audiences and pick up new skills. Wrongly chose partnerships, however, can end up being financially and emotionally draining and – at their very worst – might even damage your reputation. Don’t assume that just because you get on well with someone in a social setting, that you’ll automatically get along professionally too. Team up with someone who shares the same values, work ethic, and standards of output as you is crucial. 

Share your opinions 

You should always have something to bring to the table. Remember that you are employed for the results you deliver and the value that you add to the organization. Having an opinion is as valuable as having an idea, so don’t ever turn up to a meeting and sit there in silence. If you’re shy about speaking up in meetings endeavour to say something at the very start. Often the longer a meeting goes on without you having said anything, the more pressure you feel to dazzle with whatever you do eventually say, which can make you clam up even more – so break the ice early on.

Push for more

No matter the level that you have attained in the workplace, never see a task as insignificant. Strive to be of value and in demand. Otegha Uwagba said that a willingness to be a team player when it comes to admin and low-level tasks should be carefully balanced with clear ambition. Be proactive in pushing for more substantive work – don’t just assume it will automatically be given to you as time goes on.


We hope that these career tips will guide you on your journey to attaining success in your career. Ensure to implement these valuable tips!

This blog is an excerpt of Little Black Book: A Toolkit For Working Women by Otegha Uwagba.

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