#LLACareerToolkit – 5 Black female career coaches you should follow and engage with online


Francine Parham

Francine Parham

Francine Parham is the founder and CEO of FrancineParham & Co. As a career expert, she is focused on advancing professional women in the workplace, specifically into positions of leadership and authority. She does this through her public speaking, writing, curated and micro networking events and specialized skill-building workshops. Her focus is not only in investing in women but partnering with individuals and organizations that support advancing women to be leaders and influencers in their chosen fields.

Francine is a connector, and she wants to share her network to push women to move forward with their dream career. Today, her network spans beyond 10,000 people and she generously gives you access, introducing you to individuals and organizations that can speed up your goals. She is Co-author of “The Ultimate Career Pocket Guide” an aide to help women achieve their professional success.



Larkisha Davis

Lakrisha Davis

Lakrisha Davis is a Career Coach, CEO of NextUp Resume, Keynote Speaker, Business Mentor, Job Interview Expert, and Author. Lakrisha Davis realized that having the right competencies was far from enough for achieving success, she did everything she could to fill in those gaps in her knowledge. Lakrisha devotes her time to helping her clients unlock their best potential with her best practices. She is a book author of “Who Needs a Career Coach Anyway?!”

Lakrisha Davis is an accomplished woman. She has assisted over 1200 job seekers and possesses a 99% success rate. She brought clients salary increase of up to 65%. She has helped clients land at industry-leading companies like Facebook, Microsoft, Cisco Meraki, Ernst & Young, Apple, LinkedIn, and Amazon. She is a recipient of the Phenomenal Woman Award & Top 290 Most Influential Woman Award.




Latesha Byrd

Latesha Byrd

Latesha Byrd is the CEO and Founder of Byrd Career Consulting, a talent development consulting agency serving organizations and top talent at the intersection of career empowerment, diversity, equity & inclusion and leadership development, providing career resources and coaching to over 2,000 professionals all over the globe.

Latesha discovered her passion for Diversity & Inclusion while managing recruiting within the accounting industry, developing innovative recruiting strategies and building talent pipelines with a special lens on diverse talent. She is on a mission to help women transform their dreams into careers that will allow them to live life on their own terms and companies to transform their workplaces into equitable and safe spaces for all.




Sherry Sims

Sherry Sims

Founder of Black Career Women’s Network, to provide black women access to mentors in the workplace. She is an Influencer, Speaker, Career Strategist, and Career Growth Advocate of Color.

Sherry Sims decided after working 12 years in the Human Resources industry as a Corporate Recruiter and HR Generalist for corporations such as CVS Pharmacy, AT&T, and Time Warner, she desired to use her experience in a different way and transitioned to becoming a Career Coach, discovering a new passion for helping people strive for career success, specifically black women.

Sherry Sims’s purpose is for every Black Career Woman to be empowered to work in her highest potential, have equal consideration for professional growth and opportunities, be equipped to handle the dynamics of the workplace, and experience freedom and fulfilment at work.




Marielle Legair

Marielle Legair

Marielle Legair is the founder of Women Who Influence, personal branding and publicity firm for women, Marielle Legair has helped to build the reputation of CEOs, thought leaders, and entrepreneurs and some world’s largest companies such as Deloitte, Grant Thornton, and Experian. She helps leaders improve their career progression through personal branding and executive presence webinars, 1:1 mentoring and training programmes.

Her portfolio includes client media placements in major outlets such as BBC, Bloomberg, Financial Times, and Forbes. Plus, Legair captured the attention of global audiences through personal branding master classes held in New York and London, and she published a book, The Personal Brand Bible for Ambitious Women, an ultimate blueprint to building a stellar reputation and creating more opportunities in your industry.



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