#LLABlog: Meet Victoria Oluboyo, the first Black African to be elected to the Parma municipality.

Victoria Oluboyo

 Victoria Oluboyo is a transfeminist and human rights activist, primarily concerned with gender and racism issues.

Some days ago, Victoria Oluboyo, an Afro-Italian of Nigerian descent made history as the first Black African to be elected to the Parma municipality.

In the words of Olufemi Iyanda, a Nigerian in diaspora who made this announcement in a post on his Facebook page, noted that some years ago, when Nigerian names are mentioned, especially in Parma city, they were usually connected with prostitution and drug selling.

He said “Some years ago, when Nigerian names are mentioned, especially in Parma city, they are usually connected with prostitution and drug selling. However with serious and concerted efforts by the Nigerian community, to which Victoria is a member, the narrative was changed.

“First, Nigerian missionaries headed by Apostle and Bishop (Mrs) Adenitire are the first to get involved in rehabilitation and resettlement of trafficked and prostitution victims, through their charity organisation, Festival of Praise and Care, in collaboration with the Parma municipality.

“We equally raised awareness and encouraged Nigerians in voluntary association and community development initiatives that today have placed Nigerians in enviable positions, not only in Parma but across the region.

“We are glad that Victoria made us proud through her relentlessness and commitment to issues that bother on female rights and emancipation cum political activism that culminate in her success story today. Five years ago, she tried but failed but today, God has crowned her efforts with success.

“While we wish her success, this is a clarion call on Nigerians resident in Italy to get more involved in community development activities and voluntary services and we are sure a better tomorrow and a promising future await our children born in the land,” he added.

Victoria Oluboyo

Victoria Oluboyo is also a blogger. In February 2020, she opened the blog Oltre in which she talks about feminism, migration policies and current affairs. The choice of the name Oltre lies in the fact of going beyond appearances, stereotypes and prejudices. The love for social justice led her to undertake studies in the legal field; she is currently finishing her law degree at the University of Parma, Italy. She holds dear the phrase of Judge Ruth Bather Ginsburg: Fight for the things you believe in, but do so in a way that leads others to follow you.


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