#LLABlog – Meet Elizabeth Marami, Kenya’s First Female Marine Pilot

Elizabeth Marami


Elizabeth Marami made history as Kenya’s first female marine pilot. Born and bred in the coastal city Mombasa, Marami initially studied law at the University of Nairobi, but later changed course and went on to pursue navigation in Alexandria, Egypt for 5 years. 

While growing up, Marami knew that she wanted to do something different and out of the ordinary. Her job as a marine pilot entails assisting vessels with coming into territorial waters because according to law, vessels entering a country’s territorial waters may not progress to the harbour without officials.

Marami was inspired to continue with her pursuits when she came across an article about Kate McCue, America’s first female captain of a megaton cruise ship. She is often the only female on board for sometimes 18 months at a time, and like in most professional settings, mutual respect and being a team player keeps her and the team in good standing.

She started an initiative for women in the maritime industry called “Against the Tide,” an online platform that provides “a glimpse into the experiences and travails of a female seafarer, both successful and unsuccessful career paths of these gallant women pursuing their seafaring dreams, and how they are charting their path in this profession.”

Elizabeth Marami is changing the narrative and breaking gender barriers in her field. She is an inspiration for women to wish to follow her path.


This article was culled from Africa.com

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