#LLABlog – Black Real Estate Boss, Keira Ingram, Reveals How to Be Successful in the Industry

Keira Ingram


In her new book, How To Become A Real Estate Boss, Keira Ingram demonstrates ways to become a successful real estate professional, step-by-step. The book focuses on a wide range of audiences: novice businesswomen who are new real estate agents, former agents who are re-launching their real estate businesses, and those exploring opportunities in the real-estate sector.

Keira, a person who is successfully juggling roles as a mother, wife, ordained minister, real estate broker, and businesswoman, has come out with the book that drives home the point that success in the real-estate business is achievable for anyone, irrespective of their background. Keira says her focus is to make successful real estate bosses and that she has been doing that well for the past 15 years.

Through her experiences, she has learned the underpinnings of the real estate business and wants to share her secrets with readers of her book. Throughout How To Become A Real Estate Boss, Keira offers success, legitimate wealth, and a fulfilling lifestyle.

Keira, who is known as the “Real Estate Queenpin”, provides hard-to-find tips that would allow readers to confidently dive into a real estate career. She lists out the successes and failures of her coaching clients as examples and provides detailed tips needed to keep a real estate business afloat once it has been launched.

Keira comments, “Real estate is a game that if played right, can change your life. This book is 2% about me and 98% about the steps that the reader can take to create financial freedom by leveraging the power of real estate.”

Full of practical insights gained over the years, the book dwells on do’s and don’ts that a real-estate career aspirant needs to follow religiously. She has provided herself and her clients as examples of how to manage a successful real estate career. She also provides a look into ethical issues that one needs to be mindful of when expanding their business. The book is replete with tips on how to make money and would also help real estate agents and realtors who are already in the business and seeking consistent success.

Learn more about the book at HERE

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