#LLA100Women2024 ‘I realize that I work the best and I’m more productive under pressure’ Career Quick 5 with Dere Akindoju

‘I realize that I work the best and I’m more productive under pressure’ Career Quick 5 with Dere Akindoju

Oritsedere Akindoju in her over 5-year career worked in the corporate industry from banking to human resources. She currently works with IBM, one of the top IT firms worldwide as a PeopleSoft consultant with a focus in analyzing and auditing payroll data. She is also a manager leading her team to succession and overall business growth.

As an outstanding sports enthusiast she was named one of the Lululemon Ambassador’s in the year 2022 and holds that position till date. Through her position with Lululemon she has and continue to support her community through run as a lead of the “RunwithDere” run club, she has featured on various platforms sharing her story of community and empowerment through sports, represented in her city as an ambassador and racer at the 2023 annual Lululemon 10K tour. She also doubles as a fitness coach in strength, conditioning and run.

Oritsedere is biased to women’s health and empowerment, especially mothers. She believes life does not stop or slow down after you hit a milestone. She is a supporter of women and inspires every woman to go further. She was honored as one of 2024’s 100 Most Inspiring Women by Leading Ladies Africa 

How would you describe the work you do to a 5-year old?

As a payroll consultant, a coach, and as a community leader, I help individuals be better versions of themselves wellness-wise and health-wise, as well as help their finances be better. 

How would you say the work you do impacts women?

The work that I do impacts women in so many ways. It gives women a voice. It gives them the mindset to know they can be better, they can do better, and they can also be strong.


How do you prioritize your mental and physical well-being alongside your professional goals?

I do prioritize my mental and physical well-being alongside my professional goals by knowing what needs to be done now and also what can wait, and most importantly prioritizing rest and downtime.


Do you work better under pressure or do you thrive under a relaxed schedule? 

I work best under pressure, it gets my heart rate going, it gets the adrenaline going, and I produce excellent work that way. 

How did it feel to be named one of Nigeria’s Most Inspiring Women in 2024?

It feels very honoring to be one of Nigeria’s Most Inspiring Women in 2024, grateful for the opportunity to stand on this stage alongside other great and powerful women. I look forward to more opportunities together thank you. 

You can check out the 2024 edition of the 100 Most Inspiring Women in Nigeria’s list exclusively on the Leading Ladies Africa Website. 

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