#LLA100Women2024 || 7 Nigerian Chefs Firing Up The Culinary World

The Nigerian food industry boasts of a wealth of female chefs who have made significant contributions to the culinary world. These women are true trailblazers, from setting Guinness World Records to sharing their expertise through food recipes and cooking videos, and even owning prestigious restaurants and kitchens. 

In this article, we shine a spotlight on some of these remarkable women, who were recognized in the Leading Ladies Africa Most Inspiring Women List for 2024. 

1. Tolani Tayo-Osikoya (Diary of a Kitchen Lover)

Tolani’s culinary journey began at the tender age of 8 when she cooked her first fried rice. Since then, she has evolved into an award-winning Nigerian food blogger, internationally certified culinary expert, and brand ambassador.

In 2018, Tolani founded “Diary of a Kitchen Lover,” an online platform where she shares food recipes, and engaging cooking videos, and serves as an inspiration to food enthusiasts. With an impressive audience of over 2 million followers across various platforms today, Tolani’s influence knows no bounds.

Beyond blogging, Tolani has authored recipe books, conducted cooking classes, and even established two kitchens. Her expertise has attracted ambassadorial deals with renowned brands such as Buchy Mix, Knorr, Morning Fresh, and more.

2. Moyosore Odunfa-Akinbo

She is the Founder and Head Chef of Atije Experience, a restaurant spotlighting the diversity of West African cuisine. 

With a BA in International Business and Culinary Arts from The Culinary Arts Academy of Switzerland and an MA in Marketing from the London School of Design and Marketing, she brings a unique mix of cooking and business skills to running her restaurant.

Moyosore’s culinary journey has taken her beyond the continent, with work experience at restaurants and hotels like Rosewood Abu Dhabi, Hofke Van Bazel in Belgium, Restaurant Veranda in Belgium, and Itan Test Kitchen in Lagos.

In 2022, she became known for winning the inaugural season of a television show, The Kitchen Nigeria.

3. Hilda Effiong Bassey

Hilda Effiong Bassey is a prominent Nigerian chef, who made history by cooking non-stop for 93 hours and 11 minutes, breaking a Guinness World Record- a record she held for about 5 months

Beyond this milestone achievement, Hilda is the Founder of My Food by Hilda, where she introduces the world to the flavors of Nigerian cuisines.

She also organizes online cooking masterclasses, teaching people various recipes and cooking methods to improve their culinary skills, content creation skills, and food business classes.

4. Winifred Nwania

Winifred Nwania is a culinary expert and the Founder of Zeelicious Foods, a company that focuses on promoting tasty dishes using healthy recipes.

With a passion for cooking cultivated since she was 12, she has honed her skills through years of practice.

Despite her successful career, her passion for cooking led her to share her cooking recipes on YouTube, marking the start of her blogging journey in 2009. Over the years, Zeelicious has inspired millions to embrace nutritious meals through healthy recipes and cooking videos shared online, meal plans, cookbooks, and television shows.

She is also an ambassador for brands including Power Oil and Knorr.

5. Betty Harry

Betty Harry is renowned for introducing herself as the chef who makes the best pepper soup in the world.

Her deep love for this iconic dish led her to establish the Pepper Soup Shop, an online food delivery service initially specializing in exquisite pepper soup delicacies. Over time, the shop has expanded its menu to include a variety of African and traditional dishes.

Believing in the unifying power of food, Betty launched  “The Pepper Soup Festival” in 2022. Over the last two years, this event has allowed food vendors to display an array of pepper soup flavors.

6. Chiamaka Nwakalor-Egemba 

She is the Founder of Dish L’Afrique, and the Convener of Chow with Amaka, an Afro-fusion dining event. She strongly believes in the power of African dishes to unite people and promote good health.

Chiamaka is also the founder of Bam Wellness, a community aimed at empowering women to achieve holistic well-being by taking little steps in achieving an all-round healthy lifestyle. Following her university education, she culinary training at Wavecrest School of Hospitality and Giggles Culinary Academy, earning certifications in Basic Culinary Art and Pro Chef 2.

7. Tosin Samuel

She is the  Founder of Tspices Kitchen, an online food blog. From being passionate about learning how to cook to gaining visibility from a picture shared on Twitter, she has over the years built an online audience of over 1 million across various social media platforms and is famous for curating delicious food recipes and cooking videos.

She has also authored a cookbook titled “Nigerian Cooking Made Easy,” which contains simple yet delightful recipes, making Nigerian cuisine accessible and enjoyable to all.

Furthering her impact in the culinary world, she has collaborated with top brands such as UBA, Domino’s Pizza, and Cold Stone Creamery

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