LLA Interview – “The power of collaboration cannot be downplayed. Whether its human resource or skill, funding etc – there is power in pulling together towards a common goal.” Stacey Pinto

What is it like waking up in the morning and preparing for work?

My Husband and I have two babies and on most mornings that means waking them up. We learned through sessions with a play therapist that children have a better day when mommy or daddy wakes them – lovingly and gently☺ ! While getting ready, my husband and I chat a lot as well – about the day, what the other dreamt of etc 

Otherwise, getting ready for me is a fairly structured process but when I get into the office after school drop off – I spend some time doing my daily devotion, prayer and just centering myself. 

What kind of babe are you? I need to clear my head first or Open your laptop and scroll through your itinerary? 

Oh definitely I need to clear my head first kinda babe! Look, I cannot even cook if the kitchen is messy or upside down – so order first! Clearing my head also means looking at my schedule and to do items, whether or not something else ought to be prioritised etc. The anchor to all this is talking to God and centering myself in His will and purpose for that day.

In 2 words, what is it like being a 9-5 babe?

Fulfilling. Stretching. 

I am a public servant and so when we get stuff done for the country – it is extremely rewarding and brings me so much joy. I am driven by purpose, for myself and for others and so I don’t quite view it as a 9-5 but more about being in the right place and time to fulfil purpose for this season. On my mind daily is: ‘what can I do to make trade easier for Namibia’? Sometimes the answers come at odd hours which are not during 9-5 and that’s totally okay because that is what fulfilling purpose in my role looks like right now. 

In your opinion, what’s the most critical factor for success in your industry?

Having a heart for the issues one is mandated to execute. Again, purpose plays a major role. I am trying to make a practice of being as close to the issues as possible and that means meeting my constituents as often as possible so I can understand the issues and work to create solutions. This is to me, can create success. Secondly, the power of collaboration cannot be downplayed. Whether its human resource or skill, funding etc – there is power in pulling together towards a common goal. 

What’s the first thing  that comes to mind when your 9-5 pay comes in?

Haha! Cute. That’s literally my thought.. cute.. ☺ 

What’s your weekend self-care routine?

Our children are 6 and 3 so when I get the chance to sleep in the day, I do just that. I have learned that I am not my best when exhausted so I refresh by getting good sleep and just being easy on my mind so it too can rest and recoup. I do this by having some reading time (one of my favorite things to do), screen time and hanging out with my family. 

Have you encountered any gender-related challenges in your career, and how did you navigate them?

Yes a couple of times but it was very subtle…and I addressed it by calling it out and suddenly it dissipated. In my experience such attacks can sometimes be subtle but if left alone grow roots! Unfortunately, I am not the type look away. I will repeat the statement so it can be clarified. Most times it stops there. 

What are some skills or areas you’re currently working on to further develop in your career?

Hmm interesting. Believe or not – I am teaching myself about politics and how this world works. I am always intrigued by politics and the ideologies it is rooted in. Most importantly, for my work – it is an area I ought to understand. 

In 5 words, advise an upcoming a 9-5 babe?

Be driven by a cause higher than yourself. 


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