Lessons from the Lady Boss: Seun Tayo Balogun

Seun Tayo-Balogun is the CEO of Brief Essentials. she saw a gap in the e-commerce sphere and set up an online shapewear and lingerie business at a time when no one was doing so. In our Lady Boss interview with her, Seun shared the story of how she started and how the Brief Essentials brand has continued to thrive despite difficult economic conditions.

seun tayo

We learnt so much from her in our interview with her, and here are a few lessons we would love to highlight.

  • Don’t dream for too long such that you remain a lady in waiting.
  • Hard work, perseverance, dedication and luck are essential in the initial stage for success in business.

Seun Tayo Balogun

  • Have the ability to create convenient options for your customers. you should also be versatile
  • If you are so convinced about your ideas, do not underestimate them; just try even when you know you could fail. That idea might be the access path to your future.
  • Once you are certain you will launch, go ahead and establish your presence. That way, when you eventually launch you will already have a base of followers waiting to buy your goods and services.

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