Lessons from the Lady Boss: Ehime Akindele

Ehime Akindele is an enterprising woman who keeps pushing the boundaries as an entrepreneur. She started her journey by launching the successful frozen yogurt brand, Sweet Kiwi and today, she has a health food bar to her name and an a Mongolian restaurant called Cinggis.


During our Lady Boss interview with Ehime, we learnt that we can try to have it all, and like in every thing in life we just have to try and do our best. her interview was very insightful and we are itching ti share with you some lessons we learnt from her.

  • Keep working at your passion and dreams everyday. A journey of a million miles starts with little steps. Just keep at it.


  • Supporting entrepreneurs helps keep them together and gives them strength to face difficult times.
  • Do not use words like “never” or “cannot” they are limiting words.
  • It is important to create a work life balance. Learn to delegate so your establishment can run successfully even in your absence.
  • Your clients should always be at the heart of your decisions and operations.

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