Lessons From ‘Moms At War’ Movie.

It is no news that the Nigerian movie industry has grown into one of the leading film industries in the world and Omoni Oboli’s latest movie, ‘Moms At War’ reaffirms this.

The ‘Moms At War’ movie explores the unconditional love of a woman for her child. Asides from its comical relevance, the movie explores themes like unspoken rivalry, competition, friendship, loyalty, trust and youthful exuberance.

‘Moms At War’ will be available in all cinemas nationwide from August 17th.

Here are some lessons you will glean from the movie.

1. Life is not fair, what it throws at you is not on you, give yourself a break!

2. It is perfectly normal to want your competition to fail, just don’t let it drive you.

3. Perfection will elude you most times, notwithstanding, moms need to lead exemplary lives for their kids.

4. Great friendships can be gotten in unexpected places, it starts with you trying.

5. When women decide not to tear each other down but go ahead to support and clap for each other, great things happen.

6. It is not right to use your position to trample on those less privileged than you.

7. Never run away from making hard choices, running away itself is a choice and is usually not the best one!

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