#LeadingLadySpotlight: “Nnennaya Udochu, Analog Engineer, Intel Corporations, USA & the Dr. Lydia W.Thomas Legacy Award for Innovation in Public Interest at BEYA (Black Engineer of the Year Award) 2020 Recipient.

Image credit: Nnennaya Udochu

Professional Bio:

Nnennaya Udochu grew up in Nigeria with loving parents who instilled discipline and the art of resilience. She is a proud “Girl Scout Guide” whose experience as a youth influenced her trajectory in STEM advocacy, systems-thinking, and leadership roles. Nnennaya currently works for Intel Corporations as an Analog Engineer, leading platform designs for 2020 Microprocessor Projects and the technical collaterals of the Platform Design Guide. Her expertise is focused on power delivery and new technologies for her team in the US for battery life optimization and responsiveness on the 10th Gen Intel Core processors and Project Athena.

Prior to Intel, she has worked for Cisco Systems, Inc. Nnennaya mentors and inspires the new STEM members within her organization Client Computing Group speaking at the yearly event, “New to CCG.” She has provided career advice in tech conferences at Wonder Women in Tech empowering women and men in pursuit of a STEM career as a millennium in the tech industry.

She also promotes diversity in recruiting of young great minds at the National Society of Black Engineers with Intel maintaining a long-term partnership in the industry amongst African-American demographics. Her efforts drive Intel’s initiative to increase the number of diverse, STEM professionals in the pipeline to ensure market representation in the tech industry. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Wichita State University and a Masters of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Texas, Arlington.

Image credit: Nnennaya Udochu
Her Story:
According to Nnnennaya,
“I was taught to believe in myself and anything I set my heart towards I could achieve it. I remember being in college and actually flunking my first exam in Calculus. To say I cried was an understatement. I wept. But would you believe that I quickly set to war with Calc 1, and beat it hands down, and ended that semester with an A. Basically I learnt that I have the power to positively redefine my situation and circumstance?
Being an engineering student was not a walk in the park, it took sheer hard work and determination. I met many challenges and obstacles. I got laughed at by a classroom full of guys. It was a huge setback to my self-esteem. How about when I had an advisor that didn’t believe in my capabilities to be a part of his research team till I changed over to a great Professor who believed in me.
I will forever be loyal to Dr Lewis of the University of Texas, Arlington. Today I am an engineer at a leading tech company making a difference in how our PCs are used today, and impacting lives positively. I am so proud of myself to have been awarded the Dr Lydia W. Thomas Legacy Award for innovation in the public interest at BEYA (Black Engineer of the Year Award)  2020.
I share this with you because they will always be obstacles, there will always be people who will question why you are here or you are not capable of delivering. Don’t let them nor your circumstances deter you from achieving your dream. Hard work always beats talents. What exactly has been the secret sauce: Pray consistently, Persist, Persevere. I am so grateful for the senior leaders that nominated me for this, let alone to have won and shared the same stage with so many exceptional professional engineers and career movers in STEM-related fields. You don’t need a crowd by your side – you need God-sent people and God’s favour each day to take you places. Let this inspire you to focus on your dream, your goals and let no one make you feel less for trying every day towards it till you achieve it. “
Image credit: Nnennaya Udochu
Favourite quote:
“If you can’t fly, then run. If you can’t run, then walk. If you can’t walk, then crawl, but by all means, keep moving.”
– Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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